The Modern Month-End Close Checklist

The average month-end close cycle is 12 days...

How long is yours?

The pressure of the month-end close is real, and it increases with new business growth, complexity in the regulatory environment, and every additional system added to your Finance tech stack. 

Alleviate this pressure by encouraging your team to plan ahead with a custom month-end close checklist.

Download our free checklist to:

  • Ensure that tasks are completed and deadlines are met
  • Identify areas where there are peaks and troughs in the workload
  • Help stakeholders understand the lengthy close process
  • Ensure teammates are accountable to each other for deliverables
  • Add alerts that are triggered as tasks fall due
  • Incorporate a calendar view that syncs with your work calendar.


A continuous month-end close is possible. Download our month-end close checklist to plan for your next cycle and alleviate your team's stress.


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