CMOs, Here’s How You Can Better Utilize Your Data With Automated Monthly Marketing Attribution

On average, marketing professionals only utilize about 60% of their core marketing data from their martech stack.

With marketing tech stacks teetering at around 100 marketing tools per company, it's no wonder digital marketers and their teams don't have the time or access to comb through all their real time marketing data.

As a result, marketing attribution reporting & digital attribution modeling usually take a hit—painfully manual processes that take up time, energy, and resources digital marketing teams don't have to spare.

It’s hard to draw strong, accurate conclusions with a marketing attribution process spread across dozens of marketing analytics tools and spreadsheets. But your digital marketing attribution process doesn't have to look like this.

Download our marketing e-book to learn:

  • How to better utilize your marketing data from your martech stack for more accurate and timely monthly marketing attribution

  • How to centralize your core marketing data to streamline and automate your marketing attribution reporting

  • How Kloudio can help with an automated marketing attribution model



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